Beverage Rater

2021 - 2022

Semester 1

For the course "Mobile Project" course during my exchange in Finland we could make an application in group with free choice in programming language.

I made my application in collaboration with my roommate. When we were partying we stumbled upon the idea to have some sort of rating list for the local drinks. Coincidentally we were searching for an app idea for the course and the Beverage Rater was born.

Every good app starts should start with an analysis, so we grabbed some paper and started to write down what we needed, helped by the MoSCoW method. Once we had a general idea, we sketched how the database should look like (and what data we needed to save).

From then on we started to do what we were good at individually, so my roommate mainly did functional work, and I did the styling. I started to sketch some designs on paper and quickly switched to Figma to make some detailed designs, so I didn't need to think about how it should like when I was coding it.

The most difficult parts were the smallest things that "make or brake" the design.
For example: The image in the filter has an opacity applied to it. The filter was constructed difficult, the opacity was applied to the title as well instead of only the image.

  • Screen 1
  • Screen 2
  • Screen 3
  • Screen 4