Project PHP

2020 - 2021

Semester 2

During the course 'Project PHP', my team (KM-B) and I made a webapplication to manage the swimming pool of our client.

In the course 'Requirement Analysis' we made a prototype with documentation for another client's (teacher) project. We got documentation from the other groups and a conversation with the client to make sure we knew what the application should be. The 'Scrum' project structure was a challenge in the beginning of the project, but after some time we figured it out, so we were able to track the progress of the project very easily.

As Scrum Leader I made sure the startup of the project was done correct. I set up the initial projectfiles, the basic structure and a backlog on Jira. Of course I worked on the project itself as well. The pages were I spent most of my time on are: the homepage for admin and teacher, the FAQ page and the swimminglesson & swimmingparty-timestamps management page.

Page layout is something that is important to me, so naturally I've spent quite a bit of time at it on this project.

  • Project PHP Home page
  • Project PHP FAQ page
  • Project PHP Login page
  • Project PHP Timestamps swimminglesson